Building the interior of an enclosed trailer into a quality, affordable, and light weight mobile living space.

Choose a package that best fits your needs, and choose from add on’s to support that dream.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


  1. Increased height of stationary bed to taller than 24” ($100 per 12” additional height)
  2. External shore power outlet (with fuse box) for campsite hookup, house power, or generator ($349)
  3. Maxxair roof vent for air circulation, installed w/ proper sealant and butyl tape. ($558)
  4. Air conditioning/heat
    • Portable 12k BTU air conditioning with heater. Bluetooth for alerts, ducted to the exterior for proper ventilation. Larger 2000 watt inverter included in price. ($802 installed)
  5. Solar panel options
    • 100watt 1 panel kit with controller ($349). Will charge battery in 8-10 hrs of sunlight.
    • 400watt 4 panel kit with upgraded panels, battery, & controller. Roof mounting kit and installation included. ($1281). Will charge larger capacity battery in 3-5 hrs of sunlight.
  6. Window(s)
    • $305 per window installed (approximately 12” wide and 22” tall)
    • $490 per window installed (approximately 30” wide and 22” tall w/ emergency exit. Bracing included. Required to stay in most federal/state parks)
  7. To be discussed for prices on mark and availability
    • Aluminum Trailer (light weight & rust proof)
    • Extended interior height
    • Specific trailer options from the factory (i.e. “black out package”)
    • Roof racks or other welded parts (to be quoted base off requirements)

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