The Camper

Take camping to
new heights

The Camper will immerse you in the outdoors. Offering security, protection from the elements, and a cozy environment in all seasons. This mobile camping solution is a step above the tent.

what's included

upgrades available


Both trailer sizes come with the same awesome features!

7' x 16'


6' x 12'


*Price includes the price of the trailer, subject to market change.

solar add-ons

If you’re ready to go off-grid, you can make your exciting new lifestyle even greener, no matter where you are, with our solar energy packages.

7' x 16'

Essentials package (over 600 watts):  $7,680
Extreme package (over 1300 watts): $11,550
Sun package (over 2000 watts):  $16,280

6' x 12'

Essentials package (over 300  watts):  $4,800
Extreme package (over 600 watts): $7,680

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