The Apex

Your Ultimate freedom vessel

The Apex is the peak of comfort, including all the luxuries of home with the freedom of travel.

what's included

upgrades available


Both trailer sizes come with the same awesome features!

7' x 16'


6' x 12'


*Price includes the price of the trailer, subject to market change.

solar add-ons

If you’re ready to go off-grid, you can make your exciting new lifestyle even greener, no matter where you are, with our solar energy packages.

7' x 16'

Essentials package (over 600 watts):  $8,450
Extreme package (over 1300 watts): $12,450
Sun package (over 2000 watts):  $17,450

6' x 12'

Essentials package (over 300 watts):  $5,250
Extreme package (over 600 watts): $8,450

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